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Tribute To Marcus Aurelius

There is a man who is long gone from us
A man who wasn't happy among us
A man with duties
You won't see him in the movies
The reason is that we value other things
Things that often lead us astray
Things we should better stay away

We only know of him because he left a book
With wisdom, thoughts, and pain
It's going to remain
With us as evidence for being virtuous
The highest good we can achieve as humans
Not being involved in any rumors
Not doing any harm to others

There is a man who is among us
Who tries to follow his advice
Soon he realizes, he has to pay the highest price
To be like him, to reach the true wisdom of Socrates
True freedom of democracies
His fight is going to remain for long
The fight that makes him strong
He will become he wants to be
Thanks to the man who left the book
Who never planned to let us look
Into his soul and his life as a whole

~ Author: Dimitri Tarasowski